Is it worth it to study in China?


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Why study in China!? Studying in China is an excellent choice for students who wish to study abroad. Especially in view of China’s enormous development in all fields, making the country an important destination for many students. Despite this there are other reasons to study in China…

In today’s article, we will tell you why studying in China and traveling to this country has become a favorite destination for many international students from all over the world

Why study in China?

Nearly 500,000 international students followed their course in China in 2017.

Studying in China is a great way to discover one of the most populated countries in the world. its size leads to a wide variety of climates, cultures and landscapes. The beauty of nature, present throughout the country, attracts thousands of tourists. Ancient structures such as the Great Wall or the Forbidden City mingle with the more modern architecture and skyscrapers of Shanghai. It is also an opportunity to experience the nightlife, with its karaokes and nightclubs.

5 good reasons to study in china :

study in China

  1. The cost of living in China is affordable. A metro ticket for example, costs about 30 cents. Getting around in China is generally easy and inexpensive, thanks to a highly developed transport system. All major cities are well served by buses, taxis and even metros. The plane and the train remain the best means for long-distance journeys.
  2. China has experienced one of the greatest economic growths for a few decades, even during the crisis. The biggest companies decide to set up in China. Knowing how to speak Chinese and having experience in China is today a great asset in the professional world and allows many opportunities. Knowing this country and its culture is an advantage for developing in Asia.
  3. China relies heavily on higher education and internationally recognized universities wich make it one of the best destination for. Whether in purely Chinese fields such as calligraphy and culture, or general fields such as medicine, science or economics, the programs of Chinese universities are globally recognized. Many universities even offer programs in English for those who don’t speak Chinese.
  4. Chinese culture is very diverse and multicultural, and represented by more than 50 different ethnicities. The religions are also numerous and live together in harmony. Very different customs are present throughout China, and each day brings something new. The ideal is to immerse yourself directly in this culture and to exchange with the locals.
  5. every year, Chinese universities, international organizations and government organizations offer foreign students hundreds of free scholarships in China.

The main organizations that offer free scholarships to study in China:

  • Government scholarships. Check this Article CSC: Chinese Government Scholarship 2022
  • public universities scholarships.
  • Private universities scholarships.
  • Embassies scholarships.
  • Private organizations scholarships.
  • World organisation scholarships.

These Chinese scholarships can cover the full cost of studying in China or at least a good part of the tuition fees.

In addition, if you plan to study in China, we advise you first to check the availability of scholarships for students.

Thanks to financial aid in China and free scholarships, due to it now you can study for free in China or benefit from a significant reduction in study costs.

Furthermore, free scholarships in China can cover certain expenses, namely:

  • Tuition fees at universities in China.
  • Part or all of the accommodation costs.
  • Part or all of living expenses in China.
  • The cost of books and tools necessary for your studies.

if you want to know how to get a free scholarship for China, we invite you to discover in this article the best scholarships available for China in 2023.

Top 2 Scholarships for you to study in China in 2023

In this part we are going to present to you, the 2 best scholarships in China in 2023 for international and foreign students wishing to study in China.

So, here is the list of the best scholarships in China for the year 2023:

  1. World Bank Scholarships

The World Bank Scholarship is one of the top most popular scholarships for international students.

Here is all the information about this scholarship:

Provider organization: World Bank

Number of scholarships offered: Variable

Annual opening date: Month of February of each year

Annual closing date: Month of May of each year

Scholarship amount: Variable

Scholarship Link:

  1. Zhejiang University Scholarships

Zhejiang University Scholarship is one of the top most popular scholarships for international students.

Here is all the information about this scholarship:

Provider: Zhejiang University

Number of scholarships offered: Variable

Annual opening date: Month of January of each year

Annual closing date: Month of March of each year

Amount of scholarship: 1,700 Yuan

Scholarship Link:


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