Top 7 Attractions in Morocco You must see 


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Morocco is an Arab country in northwestern Africa. Morocco has a thousand-year history. It has many historical heritages. It is a land blessed by God, a country that people care about. Here you can experience the luxury of royal life, the rich culture and architectural style will surprise you, let’s take a look at the must-see places in Morocco!

Top 1 Marrakech

In Morocco, Marrakech is the third largest city, famous for its red city, a representative of modern luxury, and one of the most important ancient capitals in Morocco’s history. Marrakech is like an inland magnet, attracting huge camel caravans from the south. For them, this oasis is the most beautiful city they have ever seen.

Top 2 Agadir

Bathed in sunlight 300 days a year, it was destroyed by an earthquake in 1960 and rebuilt by Italian architects. Agadir faces the vast Atlantic Ocean, 8 kilometers away from the mouth of the Sousse River in the south, backed by the fertile Sousse Plain, and not far from the south is the famous Sahara Desert. , making this city on the edge of the desert a spring-like climate all year round.

Top 3 Casablanca

If you haven’t been to Morocco, Casablanca may be just a song or a movie for you, but in Morocco, he is the representative of the most modern city. Looking at the city from the sea, there is a blue sky and sea above and below, with a high and low white outline in the middle. Sometimes the waves in the Atlantic Ocean are surging, but the water in the harbor is not very good. The fine-sand beach stretching for dozens of kilometers from north to south is the best natural swimming pool. The hotels, restaurants and various entertainment facilities along the coast are hidden under the rows of neat and tall palm trees and orange trees, which has its beautiful and unique attraction. The famous twin towers are the landmark center of Casablanca.

Top 4 Meknes

Built in the 11th century, it was the capital from the 17th to the 18th century. Islamic holy site; industrial and commercial center. An important distribution center for olives, citrus and grapes. Cultural relics of the ancient Roman era, medieval mosques, Islamic colleges. Are these still not appealing to you?

Top 5 Rabat

Top 10 Attractions in Morocco The must-see places in Morocco

The capital of Morocco, it was founded in the 12th century AD by the Mowahid dynasty. Rabat is close to the Atlantic Ocean, and there are many bathing beaches, which is a good place for tourism and summer. The Rabat Royal Palace, the Tomb of Mohammed V, the Udaya Castle and the ruins of Shera are tourist attractions. The Great Mosque is exposed in the downtown area, with thousands of jewelry stalls.

Top 6 Saidia

With a charming bay in the Mediterranean Sea and a 14-kilometer golden coastline, it is a dream place for sailors.

Top 7 Fez

It is the first Islamic city in the history of North Africa and the religious, cultural and artistic center of Morocco for more than a thousand years. The Fez River branches here and is suitable for farming, so Fez means “golden axe” in Arabic, and also means “fertile land”. The ancient city of Fes covers an area of ​​250 hectares and was built by Idris II in AD 808. It is the first imperial city in Morocco. The 17-kilometer-long city wall is basically intact and retains a strong Arabian color. As a classic of medieval cities, Fez is not only the religious shrine and cultural exchange center of Morocco, but also the spiritual seat of the Arab nation.


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