How to make money selling your photos!?


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You can indeed get paid for taking photos, even if you are not a professional photographer.

This article tells you how it works and some of the important truths about the whole “make money selling photos” process that others might not tell you, and also how you can get started from today.

Taking photos is without a doubt, one of the unique hobbies that can make you earn money even if you are not an expert photographer.

this article will show you some of the genuine websites and apps that really pay, with these genuine websites and apps, you don’t have to fall for the many scam sites.

So, yes, you really can get paid by taking and selling photos, you simply need a camera or a smartphone to take pictures of people, animals, events, nature, etc. and sell them to the right people.

Good people in this case also include companies and websites that pay for good quality images.

With such companies and websites, you can decide to sell your photos directly to them if you wish, or you may also choose to license your photos to these companies and websites (especially stock photography websites), by licensing your photos to such websites, you don’t get paid once, but you can continue to get paid for a long time, you’ll get paid every time people buy or download each of them, you might receive commissions each time, depending on the photography company or website.

More ways to make money for your photos

Another way to make money or get paid for your photos is to take photos of yourself and sell to interested individuals or businesses.

Yes, many people nowadays make money by taking and selling photos to others, including selfies, regardless of how you look, you can start making money by taking photos of yourself and things around you…and getting paid for your efforts.

And if you’re ready, you can also get paid for your foot photos. Weird, right?

It just shows that many people are willing to spend money on whatever they want, regardless of what other people think.

Besides photos of yourself or selfies, you can also get paid for taking some high-quality nature photos or high-quality images of places around you, which is increasingly common nowadays.

There are even people turning hobbies like these into work from home online jobs! Even great skylines, skyscrapers, etc. can be sold to the right people, companies, and websites.


Fortunately, there are companies and websites that make the selling process easier for you.

This wil allow you to focus on taking high-quality photos, rather than finding buyers to buy them.

Not only do they provide the marketplace or platform to sell your photos, but they also spend money to attract the right buyers to your photos.

here are 10 Websites and Apps that can make you earn money out of your photos.


Afficher l’image source

iStockphoto is a photography website where you can contribute images and get paid.

You earn a commission if one of your submitted photos is sold.

Before being selected by iStockphoto, you must be ready to undergo a strict verification process, because this website wants the best photos to be submitted on its website.

As a Regular Contributor, you will earn 15% of sales made from your photo.

If you achieve “exclusive” contributor status, you can receive 45% of the sales of your licensed photo. Thus, you will earn more if you are an exclusive contributor.

You are supposed to upload high quality selfies or pictures if you want to earn more

Each of your photos can be sold for $1 to $20 on this site.

Click here to discover


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Pay Your Selfie is a fascinating app that will pay you to take pictures of yourself and do different fun things.

This is a great app that will reward you for posting those fun and entertaining selfies, These images are used by the company to connect you with advertisers so that your needs are understood. Depending on what you are doing or where you are in the photo, coupons will be sent to you from time to time by advertisers.

With Pay Your Selfie, you can take and post fun and entertaining selfies of products and places you love.

For example, you can take selfies of your favorite tourist destination or take a picture of yourself eating at your favorite meal in a restaurant.

You can also take a picture of yourself sitting on a couch in your living room or whatever you feel comfortable doing.

You can get paid from 20 cents to $1 after completing a task, when you reach a minimum balance of $20, you can then withdraw via PayPal.


Afficher l’image source

Instaprints is a website where you can upload your Instagram photos and get paid for it. Yes, this is one of the ways people use to get paid for Instagram posts, you simply link your Instagram profile to your Instaprints account and earn money every time you sell your photos on the Instaprints platform.

You can sell your photos to be used in different forms like greeting cards, phone cases, throw pillows, shower curtains, T-shirts, canvas prints, etc.

Speaking of greeting cards, you can also make money by writing or designing greeting cards, if that’s your thing.

Back at Instaprints, you set your own rate and Instaprints handles shipping and printing to customers. With Instaprints, you can earn $5 to $50 or more selling photos of yourself on Instagram.

Click here to discover


Afficher l’image source

Snapped4U is a photography site that only accepts photos you take at events such as festivals, weddings, concerts, etc.

Your portrait photography is also accepted for sale by this site.

You may take photos of any of these events and post on this website.

Each of your photos sold for $5 or less, a commission of 50 cents or $0.50 is charged.

If your image sells for more than $5, a 10% commission will be charged.

Click here to discover


Afficher l’image source

Scoopshot is an app you can use to take selfies and get paid if a buyer is interested in your photos, brands can run photo contests through this website and winners will be rewarded with cash.

Many restaurants, airlines, and cosmetics companies, among others, use Scoopshot to run photo contests where consumers are invited to take photos or take selfies and get paid if they’re selected as the winners.

Selfies focused on fast food, travel, beauty products, entertainment can easily make money for you.

You can win up to $20 if your photo is selected in the contest.

You need to make sure to post and promote the best selfies to attract buyers or brands who want to use the photo to promote their idea.

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Afficher l’image source

Stylinity is an application that will allow you to earn money if you have “purchasable selfies”.

It is both a shopping app and a paid selfie app.

You can use the app to shop for clothes on the Stylinity website, then you use the app to take selfies of yourself putting the clothes on.

You can edit the images, tag them and publish them on the purchase page of the Stylinity website.

You will earn “StylePerks” or points if someone clicks on the image and makes a purchase on the website.

You need to make sure your selfie is edited properly to attract potential buyers who visit the purchase page.

The StylePerks you earn can be redeemed for cash or merchandise like clothes.

Click here to discover


Clashot is an application that allows you to monetize your photos or selfies.

You can download this application and use its features to upload photos of yourself or other images, and you will receive a commission each time your photo or photos are sold.

Clashot is operated by the owners of popular stock photography site DepositPhotos.

All images you upload using Clashot are displayed on the DepositPhotos Marketplace.

Here, the images are given maximum exposure to potentially millions of visitors worldwide.

With Clashot, you can earn up to 44% of sales.

Photos on this website can be sold for between $0.50 and $80.

You can also earn by providing photos whenever specific themed photo “offers” are made. You’ll earn 50 times more for “gift” photos than for photos you just uploaded.


Afficher l’image source

This is another genuine site that allows you to earn from your photos, they’ve been in business for over 15 years and have paid out over $500 million to everyday people like you!

You can start earning with them in just 3 quick steps

1- Create your high quality photos or videos that you want to sell through them.

2- Submit and upload the high quality photos or videos using their easy to use platform

3-Get paid every time someone uploads your high quality photos and videos!

Using this application is surely a good way to earn money from home with your smartphone.

Besides just uploading your photos with the app, you can also use it to check the status of your photos in the market. you can check your income and activity, view your monthly and daily sales, and even track the overall performance of your portfolio.

Click here to discover


Afficher l’image source

Foap is another popular app that you can use to earn money by selling photos or selfies.

You can take photos with your smartphone and upload them to sell on the Foap Market.

Each photo sold in the market is sold for $10 and you will earn 50% of the sale.

This means you get $5 and Foap keeps $5, and the same photo can be sold several times.

You can also earn Foap by submitting photos from a mission. A mission is when a company, brand or advertiser requests a specific type of photo.

If you submit your interpretation of this photo and it is accepted, you can win prizes like $100 or more, depending on what the brand offers.

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Afficher l’image source

SnapCape is an application that you can use to sell your photos and earn money.

You upload photos from your gallery and choose how much you want to sell for each one.

On this platform, the sale prices of each photo are usually from $1 to $5. If a buyer purchases your photo, your account will be credited.

You can also earn money by participating in photo tasks where brands or a buyer will pay you to provide a specific type of photo.

In addition to the above ways to make money with SnapCape, you can enter daily photo contests and win prizes.

As soon as you make a sale with SnapCape, you can cash out and have your earnings deposited into your bank account.

Click here to discover


As you can see by reading this article, it is indeed possible to get paid for your photos.

The above sites and apps are some of the genuine ones that will pay you to take and submit photos of yourself and other images.

You can get paid directly by some of these websites or you can earn a commission by selling your images on some of these platforms’ marketplaces.

So start with some of them, to see how much you can earn selling your photos.


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