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On casino sites,Collect Bonus For Today the jackpot is available mainly in slot machines. Moreover, the options are very different – from several hundred to tens of millions of dollars. Let’s figure out what jackpots are, who can win them and where.

What are the jackpots in online casinos?

Some people call the jackpot the biggest win possible. To be precise, this is the definition of a fixed jackpot. That is, the maximum limit that can be seen in the paytable. Its value never changes, which is why it is called fixed.

However, this term mostly refers to the cumulative/progressive jackpot in the casino. Its value is constantly growing due to the bets of the players. Part of the amount that players spend is accumulated and the result is a small, medium or giant prize pool. It keeps growing until someone plucks it.

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However, recently another category of online casino progressive jackpots has appeared – guaranteed.

They have their maximum, reaching which they will definitely be thwarted. However, there is a chance to win them throughout the entire period, just as you approach the limit, the chances of players increase.

For example, Red Tiger Gaming last year launched three jackpots, two of which are guaranteed: Daily Drop and Must Drop. The first one must be plucked within 24 hours, before the set time. And the second one is guaranteed to be paid when reaching the value of 2,000 euros.

Jackpot Online Casino

Now each institution is trying to provide the widest possible selection of slots. Among the hundreds of options, as a rule, there are at least a few progressive jackpot slot machines. On some sites, you need to look for them among regular slots, while on other operators they are in a separate category, and they are easy to find.

Depending on what amount you are targeting, you will need to look out for progressive slot machines from different developers. In our casino rating, you can filter establishments by developers. Filters are in the right menu. The largest and most popular online casino jackpots are offered by Microgaming and NetEnt. Large sums are also played in Yggdrasil slots, but progressive slots from this studio are much rarer.

The most famous jackpot slots

Several of the most popular slot machines can be distinguished: the Mega Moolah series from Microgaming, Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams from NetEnt. All of them offer jackpots of several levels. So, if you get to the bonus game, you are not necessarily guaranteed the main prize.
Mega Moolah, for example, has four levels: Mini, Minor, Major, Mega.

The first two pay the minimum amount, but they fail repeatedly during the day. Major offers an average of around 30,000 euros every 1-2 days. But Mega is a real record holder who does not pay out less than a million. Mega Fortune and Mega Fortune Dreams have three levels: Rapid, Major, Mega.



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